At Home: Learning Through Play Ideas

Looking for STEM things to do and build to keep your kids engaged? Here are some great options we’ve found lately to help kids stretch their minds and play while they learn:

1.) Google ‘30 day LEGO play challenge’ and you will find several calendars you can use, with a challenge a day for building everything from a new house to a LEGO car of the future. 

2.) From the K’NEX user group, we have a K’NEX learning ideas printable with six challenges for home learning. 

3.) ‘Coding’ a LEGO Maze is one of our personal favorites, and something I plan to do with our LEGOMaker groups when face-to-face school returns. This one gets kids into the sequencing mindset for coding and can be done at any age with a little help. Even with DUPLO! 

That’s all for now, we’d love to see what you’re building and doing! Send us a few pics and we’ll happily post them on our Insta and FB. 

Be well! 🤎

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