Family in Focus: Braxton’s Bubble Company

Family in Focus: Braxton’s Bubble Company

Recently, we asked friends in the Sioux Falls community “what businesses are the most family-friendly and why?”  We want to know what makes these places so special to their fans, so we're going out and talking with them.

This week Braxton Saxer, the CEO at Braxton’s Bubble Company, took a few moments to chat with me about why he thinks families love his business.

Me: When I asked about the places that are the most family-friendly in Sioux Falls, your business rose to the top of the list. Why do you think that is? 

Braxton: Well, I think it’s because we ARE a family business. My mom, dad, and ‘meemaw’ are part of my business. And because I like making kids smile.

Me: Tell me more about how you got into making bubbly products for everyone...

Braxton: I started my business because my parents were going to junk sales and I wanted to have something of my own to sell. I started by making bubbles that kids could use outside. Now, we also make bath bombs. I spent a lot of time figuring out what solution makes the best bubbles. (Tip: Ask Braxton what the secret ingredient is sometime!)

Me: And what did you hope for accomplish with your business?

Braxton: I’m 10 years old right now and I already saved up two years worth of college money. I either want to go to school in Texas or Minnesota. I also want to inspire other kids to become ‘kidpreneurs’. I want other kids to know the best way to be successful is to stay engaged in your business, talk to your customers, and make sure to thank people who support you.

Me: I understand you also give money to charities?

Braxton: Yes, I support a lot of charities and especially veterans’ causes.

Me: Wow, sounds like a cool little business you have there! Anything you want our readers to know?

Braxton: Yes, thanks to all my supporters, my teachers, friends, and family for helping to make me the face of kidpreneurs in Brandon, SD. Also, thanks to Paisley Pod and Beautique for selling my products.

Well, there you have it. For Braxton Saxer, making bubbles is an art AND a science. We look forward to seeing what Braxton’s Bubble Company can come up with next!

Braxton was on KELOland Living today! We’re so proud of him! 

For more info on Braxton’s Bubble Company or to find out where to buy products, click here.






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