'Jen's LEGO thing' (aka Stacked, Inc.)

The title of this first post is what I've been hearing from people the last few days, as they get more familiar with what Stacked, Inc. does to help kids learn STEM ideas. I get a lot of "how's your LEGO thing going?" or "Oh...Stacked...is that your LEGO thing?" I'm certainly flattered that people line up Stacked right next to an amazing brand like LEGO. But we have a little ways to go to match their greatness...

For anyone wanting to learn more about Stacked, we've had some awesome coverage the last few days. Sioux Falls Business Journal did an article on us and Jan Soklovitz with Small Business Spotlight did a video interview with me at Queen City Bakery. I'm a little rusty when it comes to interviews, but the message is there.  

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