10 Reasons Why Learning Through Play Matters

Yesterday, I talked with a new friend of mine. Her name is Anelis and she directs the Toy Lending Library in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their group puts together age-based toy boxes in mini totes. Families from all over the city can check out a tote, play with it, return it, get another one. In 2019, families borrowed more than 2500 totes. Amazing!

When I visited, we discussed the power of learning through play. It was so heartwarming to visit the Toy Lending Library because what they believe in and what we believe in are the same. For adults, play is just as important. Although the way we play may look different when we are grown and involve more technical skill, hobbies such as fishing, knitting, golf, playing cards, and quilting are all adult play.

At Stacked, the importance of learning through play drives us, every day. The Stacked tagline ‘For the love of play.’ reflects the reason why we do things the way we do. Our favorite brand, LEGO, was invented in Denmark and LEGO translated from Danish means ‘play well’. 

Here’s a great article from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) about why learning through play is so important. 



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