Virtual Code Club

From our friends at Code Bootcamp School: 

Code Bootcamp School Offering Virtual Code Clubs During COVID-19 Pandemic

When the governor closed schools last week due to COVID-19, kids’ lives changed and so did their families’ lives. So did ours. Most weeks, Code Bootcamp School instructors work with kids all over the City of Sioux Falls in after school programs to teach them how to build video games, together. Now, just like you, we are at home. By the end of last week, we really missed working with kids.

We realized if we miss working with kids, they probably miss working with us! Then we had an ‘a-ha’ moment…start offering the code club experience, online!

Starting 03/23/2020 until school resumes, we are going to run virtual coding clubs using an on-line curriculum (step-by-step videos and slides), webcams, Zoom meetings, and our dedicated teachers. For $65, every two weeks we will be providing kids with at least 4 after school days worth of self-directed curriculum AND three 45-minute virtual face-to-face time meetings with our teachers to help answer questions and explore the kids’ creativity. We’ll keep your kids busy and engaged!

If you have multiple kids, we offer a family ticket for $100. Kids in grades 5-8 are welcome to join us. All experience levels are welcome. For more info or to sign up, click here.


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