About Stacked, Inc.

Stacked, Inc. was born on January 1, 2020. 

Jennifer Jones, Stacked founder, came from a family of educators and has been an educator or non-profit director for more than two decades. She also comes from a long line of family business owners and women in business. 

After working in Iowa City at ACT, Inc. in and Minneapolis with urban educators and students, Jones returned to South Dakota, determined to make an impact on education and improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning access for all children.

LEGO bricks are the world’s most beloved toy, and they engage right-brain and left-brain thinking. Our staff are LEGO experts and fans, and our challenges meet Next-Generation Science Standards

Stacked, Inc. is guided by an advisory board, whose members share the Stacked vision for the future and a passion for learning through play. 

2020 Stacked Advisory Board members: 

  • Will Bushee, Executive Director, Code Bootcamp School
  • Mary Diers, Marketing Manager, Foundations in Learning
  • Brad Green, Communications Professional and Freelance Journalist
  • Steve Kappler, Executive Vice-President, Enactus, Inc. 
  • Jim Larimore, Chief Officer, ACT, Inc. Center for Equity in Learning
  • Courtney Marshall, President & CEO, Wichita State Alumni Association