Weird Winter Weather Learning Pack

This theme is a great one to explore in the middle of winter because kids can see all around them outside the effects of very cold weather. The video about what extreme cold weather can do will give kids ideas they can explore with LEGO(R). 

LEGO Kits:




What is a 'Jet Stream'?

What Does 'Wind Chill' Mean?

What Extreme Cold Weather Can Do

Questions To Ask:

What is the jet stream and why is it important? What does wind chill have to do with the jet stream? What is important for people to remember when the weather is extremely cold? 

What are some of the things we could build to help us stay warm in extreme cold? What could we build to block us from the cold wind? Do you want to put together a winter story, using LEGO bricks? Put yourself in the story using a LEGO mini figure. 



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