Stacked FAQs

What is Stacked?

A Pop-up (portable) STEM lab that helps kids understand STEM by using LEGO bricks to complete challenges or solve problems.

Where is Stacked located? 

During January and February 2020, we are located on the first floor of 324 E. 8th St. in Sioux Falls, SD. After that, it depends on the day. Facebook events and our Twitter feed lists our exact location on any given day. We’re portable, so we pack up most nights and go home.

How old do you have to be?

Potty-trained and old enough to not eat LEGOs, unless we are having an event with DUPLO bricks. Generally, 4.5 years. We do know CPR but we don’t change diapers. We always locate in a room with a restroom or with a restroom we can see from where we are. If your child isn’t potty trained, you will need to stay to assist.

Drop-in/drop-off is fine with us, but we are not a day care facility and not responsible for keeping track of your child. Please instruct your child accordingly.

If they are ready to leave and you have not returned yet, we will text you to let you know they want you to return. All kids wear a bracelet with your phone number on it so we can reach you. 

Are Stacked LEGO bricks full of germs?

We sort and sanitize LEGO bricks every night, using non-toxic cleansers (Dr. Bronner’s) and water between 101-104 degrees. These are cleaning methods recommended by LEGO. We use Seventh Gen spray disinfectants on all other parts, nightly. 

How much does Stacked cost?

Effective February 4, 2020. Drop-in structured play is $15 for two hours, paid online or on arrival. That’s usually the amount of time most kids stay engaged. On any 4 hour pop-up day, we have 2 sessions to choose from. Parents are welcome to stay and play for free.

We are happy to credit you if you reserve online and notify us via text or email BEFORE the scheduled session begins that you cannot make it for any reason. Unfortunately, we cannot process credit for no-shows after the scheduled date and time has passed. 

How is Stacked ‘Structured Play’?

Structured play is any type of play that has rules or instructions with a goal. Ms. Jones, Stacked’s founder, is a S.D. licensed teacher for grades 5-12 and has been an educator for more than 20 years. 

All Stacked challenges are aligned with Next-Generation Science Standards. You can read more about NGSS here: